Shy, Low (US) // Vandemonian (HH)

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  • Datum: Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2019 um 20:00 Uhr
  • Location:  
  • Max-Brauer-Allee 200 22769 Hamburg

Shy, Low (US) // Vandemonian (HH)
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Post-rock/post-metal band Shy, Low (US) are playing in Hamburg before their slot at Dunk! Fest.

Post-rock/post-metal band Shy, Low from Richmond, Virginia are stopping by for a show in Hamburg on their european tour which includes a slot at Belgium's renown Dunk! Festival.

For fans of Russian Circles, Explosions in the Sky, Caspian, This Will Destroy You, God is an Astronaut etc...

"Shy, Low have produced an excellent record that takes you on a
beautiful journey that, as its title suggests, will leave you yearning
for another listen."
- Punktastic

"This album, besides being a debut, is post-rock brilliance. It is
intelligent, it is emotive, it is evocative ... It's everything post-rock
has been missing for the last 8-10 years."
- Stereokiller

"The band's previous full-length, 2015's hiraeth, is an example of
brilliantly-executed and emotionally-tinged cinematic instrumental
rock that skirts the une between post-rock and metal in league with
the likes of caspian and we lost the sea."
- Heavy Blog Is Heavy

"The EP required two years of the band's creativity and still, it
displays the same attributes that established shy, low as one of the
most competent unsung herdes of post rock today; and those traits
include strength, determination and effectiveness."
- Destroy Exist

"One such band, Virgina's Shy, Low, continue to peddle the former
route, creating a series of opulent, often breathtaking set-pieces. An
indelibly pretty moment with the graceful touch and burning
intensity of Explosions In The Sky in their most refined form."
- Gold Flake Paint


Vandemonian is a progressive post-rock band from Hamburg, Germany, with Australian roots. Tasmanian guitarist Nick Braren formed the band in 2015 with drummer left-wing activist Alexander Benthin and bassist Alex Steininger. Having had their bass player leave in December 2018, they are currently in the final stages of casting and look forward to breaking in the new lineup live with Shy, Low in May.

Vandemonian's music bridges the gap between post-rock, math-rock and traditional songwriting, using dynamic song structure, unconventional rhythms and time signatures. Their left-wing background shines through lyrically and the strong vocal melodies are balanced well with drawn-out instrumental digressions.

Since their debut EP was released in 2016, they are currently recording and producing their first LP due in late 2019.


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Shy, Low (US) // Vandemonian (HH), Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2019, Astra Stube