3rd Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals (TRP) Summit

  • Datum: Dienstag, 07. Dezember 2021 um 09:00 Uhr
  • Location:  
  • Mohrenstraße 30 10117 Berlin

3rd Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals (TRP) Summit
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Achieve Meaningful Clinical Efficacy With Theragnostic Radionuclide Therapies.

The 3rd Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals (TRP) Summit returns at a crucial time for the entire industry. Spurred on by positive Phase III VISION trial data, there has been huge research investment, on both sides of the Atlantic, on how to deliver radiation therapy directly and specifically to tumours.

For the 2021 edition of this conference, there will be the opportunity to attend either in-person in Berlin or remotely via a dedicated digital networking platform with all the access to the conference content.

You can expect a wider array of insights from recent case studies to help you accelerate the development of the next generation of radioligand therapies from clinical approval to commercialisation.

As the only industry-led platform for discussing challenges and opportunities facing developers of theranostic radioligand therapies, we strive to tackle topics that are on every drug developer’s mind:

How do we identify and validate new targets?
Can we combine Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals with immunotherapy or other targeted oncology methods?
How do we improve current clinical design methodologies and patient selection strategies?
Where can improvements be made to the current supply and fulfilment models?


Conference + 2 Workshops - Drug Developer EUR 3797.00
Conference + 1 Workshop - Drug Developer EUR 3298.00
Conference Only - Drug Developer EUR 2799.00
Conference + 2 Workshops - Product & Solution provider EUR 4697.00
Conference + 1 Workshop - Product & Solution provider EUR 4098.00
Conference only Product & Solution provider EUR 3499.00
Conference + 2 Workshops - Academic & Non-for-profit EUR 2997.00
Conference + 1 Workshop - Academic & Non-for-profit EUR 2698.00
Conference Only - Academic & Non-for-profit EUR 2399.00

Speakers: Hakim Bouterfa, Co-Founder & Managing Director, PentixaPharm GmbH, Andreas Kluge, General Manager, ABX-CRO, Dale Ludwig, Chief Science & Technology Officer, Actinium Pharmaceuticals, Martin Treder, Chief Scientific Officer, ARJUNA Therapeutics, Urs Hagemann, Head of Laboratory & Project Manager, Bayer, Sheamus Gleason, Executive Vice President, Clarity Pharmaceuticals, Andrew (Andy) Simmons, Vice President - Translational Medicine, Clovis Oncology, Jan van Bodegom, Chief Executive Officer, Coretag, Evren Atlihan, Gundogdu Associate Professor, Ege University, Natalie Grinshtein, Director - Research, Fusion Pharmaceuticals, Gareth Smith, General Manager, Europe, ImaginAb, Amir Jalilian, Technical Officer & Professor - Radiopharmacy, International Atomic Energy Agency, Francesco Giammarilo, Senior Technical Officer, International Atomic Energy Agency, Jean-Francois, Gestin Founder, Isotope4life, Sarah Cheal, Sr Research Scientist, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Chris Pak, Chief Executive Officer & President, Molecular Targeting Technologies, Dana Niculae, Head Of Radiopharmaceutical Research Centre Horia Hulubei, National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering - IFIN-HH, Jostein Dahle, Chief Scientific Officer, Nordic Nanovector, Cyril Berthet, Director - Pharmaco-Imaging Unit & Discovery Program, Oncodesign SA, Michael Hofman, Director - Prostate Cancer Theranostics & Imaging Centre of Excellence, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Ludovic Le Meunier, Deputy CEO & Head of Medical Systems, PMB, Tony Lahoutte, Chief Science Officer, Precirix, Markus Luster, Professor & Nuclear Medicine Specialist, Philipps-UniversitAt Marburg, James Nagarajah, Assistant Professor, Radboudumc, Steven Deitcher, President, Chief Executive Officer & Board Member, Radimmune, Marcus Kelly, Associate Director - Oncology & Angiogenesis, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Laura Ravasi, Head of Global Medical Affairs, Telix Pharmaceuticals, Christine Merkel Associate Director of Research & Policy The Health Policy Partnership, Ken Song Chief Executive Officer Rayze BIO, Alexander McEwan Professor Emeritus University of Alberta, Department of Oncology, Martina Herrmann Head of Global Medical Affairs ITM

Date and Time: Starts Tue, Dec 7, 2021 at 9:00 AM and Ends Thu, Dec 9, 2021 at 5:00 PM

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3rd Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals (TRP) Summit, Dienstag, 07. Dezember 2021, Hilton Berlin

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