A Play by Alexi Kaye Campbell

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Quelle: The English Theatre of Hamburg

A play by Alexi Kaye Campbell, directed by Paul Glaser
13 February - 11 April

How do you defend the choices you’ve made in your life to your grown children? Can your professional life be separated from your private life? Is it wrong to assume your adult children will understand why you did what you did? Yes, they were not mentioned in your memoir, so what!!?? It was a memoir about your work, not your life!! Surely they must understand.
Straight from London’s West End and Broadway, the critically acclaimed hit by Alexi Kaye Campbell is finally in Hamburg. A wonderfully gripping and fresh play which has captivated audiences since its premiere at the Bush Theatre in London. An absolute Must See!!! The actors, as always, especially cast and flown in from London for this limited run.
"Highly entertaining and deeply affecting." ( The Telegraph)

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Apologia, Montag, 10. Februar 2020, The English Theatre of Hamburg