Boeing Boeing

A farce by Marc Camoletti

Boeing Boeing
Hochgeladen von: The English Theatre of Hamburg
Quelle: The English Theatre of Hamburg

Bernard, an American architect living in Paris, thinks he has the perfect set up. He has proposed marriage to three beautiful young women of different nationalities: Italian, German and American. Each one is an airline hostess, and thanks to their different stopover times in Paris, Bernard is able to entertain them seperately in his flat without them knowing of each other's existence. His plan is perfect until the inevitable happens. Due to stormy weather and delays, flight schedules are suddenly changed and all three women show up the same day on Bernard's doorstep. Result: panic and chaos. Luckily, Bernard's housekeeper and an old friend are there to help him hide the three women in seperate bedrooms. But how long will this work?
Originally a long-running hit in London in the late Sixities, Boeing Boeing revceived Broadway's prestigious Tony Award in 2008 for Best Revival of a Play.

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Die Veranstaltung "Boeing Boeing" wurde am Montag, 04. Dezember 2017 von The English Theatre of Hamburg im openeventnetwork eingetragen.
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Boeing Boeing, Freitag, 05. Januar 2018, The English Theatre of Hamburg