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HAW Hamburg - Campus Berliner Tor

Berliner Tor, 20099 Hamburg

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  • 02

    Formation and Climate Impact from Contrails

    18:00 Uhr, ---------- Cirrus clouds forming in the aircraft contrails account for more aviation related global warming than aviation's

  • 18

    Soziale Bewertung von Flugzeugen – Das Projekt Airbus A380

    18:00 Uhr, ---------- Letzte Auslieferung eines Airbus A380 - Was bleibt neben den Verlusten? ---------- Ann-Christin Loth, HAW

  • 21

    Airbus A380 – Der letzte Riese

    18:00 Uhr, Andreas Spaeth, Luftfahrtjournalist: "Airbus A380 - Der letzte Riese" Organisation: DGLR (Dieter Scholz) Datum und Uhrzeit:

  • 24

    Aircraft Cabin Ventilation in the Corona Pandemic – Legend and Truth

    18:00 Uhr, --- Wrap-up of discussing cabin air ventilation during the last 15 month of the corona pandemic --- . Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter

  • 20

    Seaplane Design - A Forgotten Art

    18:00 Uhr, --- A seaplane gives the ultimate freedom of flight with theoretically endless take-off and alighting

  • 06

    Enabling Cryogenic Hydrogen-based Co2-free Air Transport

    18:00 Uhr, --- H2 for aviation is sustainable via fuel cell technologies for short to medium range and via combustion in gas turbines for long

  • 08

    The Role of Technology in the Future Aircraft Cabin

    18:00 Uhr, --- Cranfield is inviting debate on how future intelligent aircraft cabin systems could be used to assist and care for airline

  • 18

    Überschall-Passagierjets – Vergangenheit und Zukunft

    18:30 Uhr, --- Geschichte, Technik und Zukunft des Überschallfliegens --- Andreas Spaeth,

  • 04

    Cosmology in Space

    18:00 Uhr, Vortrag in englischer Sprache --- Get it explained: The standard model of Big Bang cosmology - The simplest model that provides a

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    HAW Hamburg - Campus Berliner Tor
    Berliner Tor
    20099 Hamburg
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