91 Mq Art Project Space

Landsberger Allee 54, 10249 Berlin

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  • Eingetragen von:Valentina Giosa
91 Mq Art Project Space
Hochgeladen von: Valentina Giosa

91 Mq Art Project Space

91mQ wishes to encourage a dialogue between a variety of people and communities be they artists filmmakers, video artists, writers or critics, 91mQ encourages both curated thematic group exhibitions and exhibitions by individual artists developed from open submission calls.

91mQ is interested in exploring the interrelation between different cultural activities and different communities. To this end, 91mQ exhibits a wide variety of work from across Europe, in addition to work from the local community and gives marginalized practices (film, video, performance) equal status with the visual arts.

91mQ provides a place where artists can meet, talk and exhibit along with local and international peers and influences.

91mQ dedicated to delivering a year round programme of exhibitions and events which reflect the wide and changing nature of artists practice. It will embrace artists at all stages of their career in a range of contemporary concerns and issues.

91mQ will also acts as a point of exchange by introducing artists from out-with the city and participate in reciprocal projects/exhibitions groups based nationally and internationally.

91mQ is an artist run space in Berlin. It was founded in 2008 by Elena Bellantoni and Marco Giani, two berlin based Italian artists.

In October 2009 Federica Di Venuta, Serena Vestrucci and Nicolas Manenti in February 2010 Sunshine Wong and in May 2010 Fabio Campagna joined the project and are now active collaborators.

91 Mq Art Project Space bei popula: Der Veranstaltungsort "91 Mq Art Project Space" in der Stadt Berlin, wurde Mittwoch, 02. Juni 2010 eingetragen. Insgesamt gibt es 4655 Locations in Berlin. Dieses Profil wurde in der vergangenen Woche 249 mal aufgerufen. Es finden vor allem Veranstaltungen aus dem Bereich "Konzerte & Nachtleben" statt. Informiere dich hier über das anstehende Programm des Veranstaltungsorts 91 Mq Art Project Space oder stöbere in vergangenen Veranstaltungen. Das aktuelle Programm besteht aus 0 zukünftigen Veranstaltungen. Insgesamt wurden 16 Termine in dieser Location eingetragen. Besonders beliebte Veranstaltungsorte in der Umgebung von "91 Mq Art Project Space" sind Berliner Schnauze MundART und Comedy Theater, Victors Residenz-Hotel Berlin, Alte Feuerwache. Gib deine Meinung mit einer Bewertung oder einem Kommentar kund. So erfahren alle Nutzer, ob sich ein Besuch lohnt.

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Die Location "91 Mq Art Project Space" wurde am Mittwoch, 02. Juni 2010 von Valentina Giosa im openeventnetwork eingetragen.

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